Insomniac Shares Absurd Memes Created While Waiting for Sleeping Meds to Kick In

Looking at a lot of the memes that are out there today, you’d be forgiven for thinking that many of them were created while under the influence. While this is has to be true for some, not every image we see was constructed by a drunk person smearing pizza grease over their phone screen, or somebody on a particularly bad trip. The reason we know this? When people do make memes in a state of non-sobriety, it’s way, way more obvious than we could ever imagine.

This has recently been shown in a beautiful TikTok posted by @dreaprunz, in which she shares a collection of memes that she created while «fighting [her] sleeping meds». Considering that most of them look like they’ve been taken verbatim from some kind of weird dream, the context is pretty apt. While Drea may have claimed that these images didn’t make any sense, viewers were taken with the absurd creations. Perhaps there’s a new wave of surrealist memes incoming.

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