Jamba Juice Robot Gets Dunked On For Failing Miserably At Its Job

If we’re really living in the future that the tech bros want and we’re getting automated out of our jobs, you would hope the machines that replace us at least do things properly. Well, bad news for any juice mixologists out there: it looks like the robots are coming for you, but they don’t have the faintest idea what they’re doing. Jamba Juice has begun rolling out robot workers for some of its stores and judging by a TikTok from Cynthia, otherwise known as @cyncity22, it hasn’t been going so well. 

In the video, she shows a one armed machine attempting to shake her smoothie out of the blender and into her cup. Although at first it manages to get some of the beverage in the right place, it then proceeds to throw the majority of it over the side of the cup. As a finishing touch, it pushes it through the mess and towards her, apparently satisfied with a job done.


@jamba Thanks for the coupon I guess. ##ohno ##jambajuice ##robot

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Viewers were divided by the haphazard machine’s handiwork, with almost as many sympathizing with it as there were people rolling their eyes. However, all was not lost. Cynthia received a coupon for her trouble, just in case she wanted the entertainment value of watching her expensive drink get spilled all over again.


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