Job Applicant Slams Patronizing Cover Letter Rejection on Twitter

Most of us are no stranger to the wonderful world of rejection when it comes to looking for a new job. However, it is truly baffling how companies seem to find new and even worse ways to serve us this humiliation with every passing day. For the right role, some of us may jump at a second chance — but this wasn’t the case for @theadegallier, who expressed her horror at the application rejection that she received for a copywriting role. In an email, the hiring team claimed that her cover letter for the role «didn’t quite serve its full purpose». Inviting her to try again without specifying what they wanted done differently, others on Twitter were equally put off by this brazen approach to applicants. In this world of quiet quitting and knowing your worth, it’s fair to say that this approach isn’t going to fly with a lot of people, especially if they’re applying for a lot of roles.

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