Knockoff Brands & Comically Low-Effort Bootlegs

There’s nothing like grabbing a Fragguccino at the local Stars & Bucks before hitting up the boys to play Calling for Duty: Secret Operation on the PlayFactory 5, am I right? Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Then you’re probably not tapped into the beautiful world of shitty bootlegs and clumsy knockoffs. No doubt, there are some truly talented con artists out there who put a lot of time and effort into ripping off high-end brands so that you can’t tell the difference, but not these lazy swindlers. In order to avoid copyright infringement, sometimes all it takes is switching a few words or letters around. Can’t sell a Stranger Things shirt? Boom. Thinger Strangs. It might not be honest work, but it’s definitely hilarious. Keep scrolling for a collection of some laughably bad bootlegs that I’d probably buy as a joke. 

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