Legend Decides to Wear Suit to Autism Diagnosis, Inspires Admiration and Memes

Because we exist in a world designed solely around being a specific type of person, being neurodivergent often feels like living life in hard mode. Even though we’re in a time of increasing awareness and acceptance, it doesn’t stop others thinking you’re able to drop everything for spontaneous plans, or the fact the sound of the refrigerator feels like it’s cutting into your bones.  

As if that wasn’t enough, the whole diagnostic process can be a bumpy ride. Don’t check a load of arbitrary boxes, and you can kiss goodbye to any support from the psychiatric establishment. It can be a stressful process — but that doesn’t stop some from having fun with it, like the boyfriend of @snartful. After he reported that his significant other had chosen to wear a full suit to his diagnosis, he was met with the full support of Twitter, as well a good few memes. 

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