Legends Commemorate Gilbert Gottfried With Energetic Exodus Reading At Passover

It’s official: we’re just about in the middle of Passover. Over the weekend, Jewish people the world over began the celebration of the Israelites’ departure from Egypt. While it’s a major part of the Jewish calendar, there’s no denying that as with any religious ritual, parts of it can get a little dry.

Luckily @jakeorenmansoor had a solution to eradicate any chance of boredom at the Passover Seder that he attended. After the unfortunate death of comedic star Gilbert Gottfried, there was apparently no better time to honor his memory than with the Haggadah. His retelling of the story of the Exodus was given a humorous and instantly recognizable twist, which was then shared to TikTok.

Viewers were impressed with this idiosyncratic performance, with many claiming that they wanted a place around his Seder table no matter whether it was a holiday that they usually celebrated or not. The Prince Of Egypt has nothing on this. 


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