Long Live the Funniest Memes of the Immortal Royal Queen Elizabeth II

Ok, I’m going to be honest. I’m not British, so I really don’t get the whole «Royals» thing. Like, do they actually do stuff in your government still? Like, do they… rule you or something or are they celebrities? I’m not trying to roast any Brits here! I’m genuinely clueless about it… Anyways, one thing is certain and common knowledge amongst any commoner from around the world and that is that Queen Elizabeth II is hella old. Like, what is her secret??? She’s been around long enough to have rightfully earned herself to be the face for many many crown jewel memes! Since memes were invented, she’s been around doing meme-able things. I wonder if that would make her the queen of memes as well… The Meme Queen. Whoa… Love live the meme queen! Anyways, she’s only 96… I mean, that’s pretty old, but people are making her sound like she’s well passed 100. These memes sure make her seem timeless! 

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