Lush & LOL-Worthy Plant Memes For Green Thumbs

Being stuck at home for much of 2020 has had some unfortunate side-effects. Some people are feeling agoraphobic, others have spiraled into depression. People have gained weight. One unexpected  (but positive) result of being cooped up has been an increased demand for houseplants. While many businesses have suffered due to the pandemic, this green industry has been flourishing. It’s not hard to see why. Plants not only give us something to preen over and take are of, but they make our spaces a whole lot more pleasant to be in. Spending money on something that improves the air in your home and makes you happy is a lot better than dropping dough on unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol. And if that’s not comfort enough, perhaps these plant-related memes will help you realize you’re far from alone in your obsession.

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