Malfunctioning Digital Bathroom Faucet Prompts Nightmares

Between the plethora of smart devices in our homes and all those massive servers in the desert pumping out new types of money, it’s safe to say that most of us are pretty well acquainted with computerization. There’s a gadget out there for almost everything these days, but this doesn’t always turn out to be the greatest idea.

A recent viral tweet by @lukeweston has showcased this in rather unsanitary detail. The post shows a photoset of a sink in a public restroom that appears to be controlled by a screen above the tap. However, the computer is glitching out, presumably preventing those using the bathroom from washing their hands. 

People were horrified by this technological fault, not least because it was revealed that the screen was apparently there to show advertising to those washing their hands. Just another thing to add to the ‘futuristic dystopia‘ file. 


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