Many Marvelous Memes of Merriment

Oh me, oh my! My eyes may deceive my mind, but by Jove, I must hope and must pray that this is real life and I’m living it. I have seemingly been blessed by a gift from a generous fairy: 35 gorgeous and beautiful memes, all for my pleasure. Finally, my days of twiddling away in the mud, drawing my own mediocre memes with a stick and some rocks, are now far behind me. Now I can bask in the glorious glory of having so many memes all to myself. How do people who live in such abundance do it? How do they walk down the street without brandishing their memes to the public, bragging for all of the world to see? I certainly know I am not above going to the local town square and telling everybody about my memes because I bought them! And paid for them too. 

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