Measly $11 Avocado Toast Unites Redditors In Horror

There is no greater cultural signifier of embattled millennials everywhere than the pairing of avocados and toast. Ever since some goofy Australian property magnate decried the youths of today for wasting their savings on the iconic snack, people everywhere have been using it as ammunition in the ongoing generation wars.

While nowadays it might be a lot more famous for the memes than for its flavor, it remains a popular option to have on the menus of cafes and restaurants. However, the quality of its presentation varies wildly and it isn’t always good value for money. 

This has preoccupied the good people of Reddit recently, after u/alexterm posted a picture of the «smashed avocado on toast» that they had ordered in central London on  r/CasualUK. Priced at £8.50 ($11.56) and smeared in an unappetizing way at the bottom of a cardboard takeout box, users were disgusted at the lack of value for money. Not everybody was sympathetic, though, with some suggesting that they could expect nothing less from ordering food in such a notoriously expensive location. Nonetheless, the sorry looking meal provided ample opportunity for sardonic millennial humor. People really chose this over financial stability, SMH.


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