Minecraft Memes For Children That Yearn For The Mines

On September 30th, 2022, a prophetic tweet was sent into the world. This tweet fundamentally understood children better than any psychiatrist or sociologist ever could. That tweet goes as follows: 

«In 1920 we took children out of the coal mines. In 2020, the most popular video game on the market is minecraft. The children yearn for the mines» – @_patryc_

Minecraft is a game that has roused the attention of children for over ten years. I remember when I was a tween, my friends were obsessed with crafting buildings and mining resources on Minecraft. They would recreate our school, our town, and our houses, all with this seemingly elementary game. I am one of those people who never fully «got» Minecraft, but that’s no indictment of the game’s quality. The only video games I ever thrived at were Wii Bowling and Yahtzee, and those are barely even video games. If you are a current or former child who yearns for the mines, these Minecraft memes will satiate your desires.  

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