Miserable Hospitality Manager Provokes Outrage After Writing Up Employee for Laughing At Work

So many of us work jobs that at best, we find boring, and at worst, we actively hate. It means that most employees out there have to find some ways to make the days go by faster, and one of the easiest ways to do this is getting comfortable with our co-workers. While relationships in the workplace can be difficult to navigate, work friends offer a special kind of connection if you’re lucky enough to have them.

A little goofing off here and there likely isn’t going to do much harm, but there are plenty of bosses that don’t feel that way. One such example comes from the friend of u/aalmondmilk, who ended up getting written up in the hospitality industry for the crime of laughing at work. Needless to say, most people weren’t very impressed. Surely, a customer-focused sector like that would actually want their workers to give service with a smile?

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