Mom Entrances Viewers with Party Trick at Father-In-Law’s Wake

In many cultures, funerals are not a time for merriment. When a loved one has just died, it isn’t most peoples’ first instinct to start putting on a show. Nonetheless, the bit that comes after the actual ceremony-and-remembrance can bring some eyebrow raising occurrences, especially if there is alcohol involved. I once got propositioned at a wake; the potential suitor in question genuinely uttered the words «It’s what he would have wanted». The worst thing was, this guy was probably right (for the record, I did not go home with him). 

Unless you plan to come back and do some serious haunting, drunk people will justify all kinds of hijinks in your name once you’re one of the dearly departed. If it ends up happening to you, it can only be hoped that it’s half as stylish as the tribute shared by @talia_richman’s mom. During the wake of Talia’s grandpa, she was persuaded to bust out some serious moves — and TikTok was grateful that she did. Clarifying later that her mom’s actions were totally within the spirit of her late relative, we have to applaud that flexibility. It’s got to be pretty difficult to pull off when you’re feeling sad.

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