Mourning TikTokers Cause Controversy Taking BeReals at Grandma’s Funeral

Once upon a time, you could rely on one thing when it came to attending a funeral: it was all about trying to show some respect to the person who had died. However, these days it seems like the rules on how you honor the dead are a little more lax. For some people, the mourning process also involves all manner of hijinks that not everyone would consider to be the most courteous. 

Some of the latest unorthodox funeral behavior has come from @juicyy.lucy and her family, who raised some eyebrows with their dedication to the unpolished social media platform of the moment, BeReal. Revealing some of the posts that they made at the same time as their grandma’s burial in a TikTok, they are definitely showing commitment to the ethos of showing off the unglamorous reality of life. It probably wouldn’t have been the end of the world if they skipped just one day.

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