New York City Memes to Perfectly Describe the NYC Weather That New Yorkers Want to Scream Into a Pillow About

Have you ever lived in New York City? Would you like us to describe it to you? Seriously, if you haven’t lived in NYC then you probably have only seen the city weather how it is in movies or in photos—in it’s picturesque snowfall winter, or it’s romantic colorful fall colors, or it’s beautiful summer and spring fun. We do get and love those days, but most of the time it is just pure chaos. Local meteorologist give daily temperatures like they’re picking Powerball numbers for the lottery. Mother nature will give you a beautiful summer 60-degree day then play the Uno reverse card and have you leaping over sludge puddles from the freezing rain. NYC really took climate change for its bestie. But us New Yorkers, we’re strong and adaptable. You give us a 70-degree morning and a 30-degree evening, don’t you worry! We have our black puffer jacket in our Jansport ready to go. If you deada*s know what we mean, embrace the memes below.  

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