Nostalgia Overload: Funniest Memes About Insane 90’s Childhood Memories

There’s something chaotic about the 90’s. For anyone who was a child or a teenager during that era, you can pretty much guarantee that they have some shared memories centered around traumatizing mascot costumes, getting lost at Chuck E Cheese, cutting all their Barbie’s hair off, and expecting to become millionaires over their Beanie Baby collection. 


If you’ve ever clipped tinsel into your hair or done a zig zag part down the middle, you probably had a Fairy Flyer toy. If you played built-in card games on your dial up computer or took your camcorder to the club, you probably should even start considering a nighttime serum for your rapidly aging skin. 


For anyone who survived and lived through the 90’s without ever piercing your belly button or contemplating dying your hair black on the bottom layer and platinum blond on top, I salute you. For everyone else, here are some nostalgic memes. 

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