Nurse Memes For The Funniest Nurses in The Unit

It’s difficult being the funniest person at your job. There’s nothing worse than meeting your coworkers at your new place of employment only to realize they’re a bunch of duds. I’m not saying that everybody has to have a brilliant comedic mind in order to be friends with me, but it’s hard to build a relationship with someone who isn’t funny and doesn’t find anything you say funny. 

You need a sense of humor to survive in the workforce, especially when you’re working as a nurse. Hospitals, doctors, patients, and coworkers throw so many insane situations at nurses on a daily basis. Without humor, most nurses would not be able to cope. If you’re one of the nurses in your unit who’s always cracking jokes about the absurdity of your career, these nurse memes might be a little too real. While you’re at it, send them to your fellow funny nurses who keep the unit laughing. 

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