Oblivious Woman Tests Her Brake Lights, Is Horrified By Her Discovery

Remember Pimp My Ride? An MTV reality TV show that represented the pinnacle of mid aughts madness, it saw rapper Xzibit take the rundown vehicle owners of Southern California by storm, transforming their cars into the kind of absurdly over-customized automobiles that would require a triple take if you passed them in the street. 

Perhaps the most memorable part of the show was the way in which these vehicles would get personalized to the extreme. CAT Scanner in the back of a station wagon for a nurse? Van including a full-blown hot tub? You name it, they did it.

Save the occasional personalized license plate, many drivers don’t care so much for cars that loudly and proudly proclaim certain aspects of their personality. Nonetheless, it’s not uncommon to see vehicles out on the road that have some interesting modifications.

Usually, the owner is fully aware of any strange alterations that their ride might have, but this wasn’t the case for Brenna, otherwise known as @whereisb. After driving her second hand car for more than six months, she recently made a bizarre discovery about what had been happening every time she used her brake lights.

After asking a friend to stand behind her vehicle and check that they were working, the pair were in for the shock of a lifetime. Sharing the experience to TikTok and apologizing for any offense it may have caused, viewers agreed that it was a truly baffling addition to her otherwise normal-looking car. The backstory behind this must be fascinating.


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