Overly Generous Bartender Has Twitter Falling Off Their Seats

A lot of people like to claim that they know how to handle their liquor. In fairness, some people can. However, when it comes to the average drinker, they can meet their match much more easily than they might think. Knowing your limits is an ever-changing logic that can be knocked sideways by one bad day, or one expertly mixed drink. 

This is certainly how a lot of people felt after seeing a video shared by @HollyLiveLavish, in which a bartender appears to mix a concoction that would probably pack a punch on even the most hardened alcoholic. Faced with the prospect of downing a beverage that looked to be about 80% whiskey, Twitter users were torn between horror and delight. If it takes a special kind of barkeep to mix this drink, you definitely need to be a special kind of drinker to deal with it. One thing’s for sure, nobody is tackling that on an empty stomach.

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