Painfully Relatable Memes About the Struggles of Living in New York City

«If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.» 

There’s definitely some truth to this lyric about New York City. Frank Sinatra wasn’t wrong. But…do you really want to? As a native New Yorker, I often find myself asking if it’s worth it. The rent keeps going up and my apartment isn’t getting any bigger or nicer. There are tons of people gentrifying every neighborhood that has any personality, pushing out its residents that have lived there for years. The commute is both frustrating (the MTA sucks) and sometimes dangerous thanks to the «Showtime» acrobats that swing from the subway poles and handrails. But then I think about living in a smaller town or a suburb, and I remember that I can order good food at 2AM, there’s a party every night, and things are never, ever boring. That said, there are plenty of situations that are worthy of complaints. Things and situations that are complaint-worthy are often meme’d. So here’s a bunch of memes about the plights of New Yorkers. If you think sh*t sounds bad, well, good. We don’t need any more people driving up the rent. . 

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