People Share Juicy Family Secrets They’re Not Supposed to Know

Family secrets can range from being horribly painful to being the juiciest gossip ever concocted. I definitely don’t want anyone to have to deal with the trauma of finding out their father has a secret family or their aunt committed vehicular manslaughter in 1992. However, these stories are interesting for a reason. We don’t tend to advertise our family’s most heinous classified deeds. There’s a sense of relief when you learn the family secrets because it can explain many things that were previously simmering below the surface. The mystery of why your family is the way it is can often be answered by a series of 2-3 devastating anecdotes. Additionally, the allure of a dramatic true story starring your very own family members is almost too good to pass up. When u/fuzzyloulou asked Redditors to share some of their juiciest family secrets, they did not disappoint with their answers. 

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