Relatable Memes for Frequently Pissed Off People

I can tell things are bad in my life when searching «Break Stuff» by Limp Bizkitbecomes something of a reflex. Once the powerful, angry, and honestly relatable anthem is being played several times a week, I know I’m in trouble. It’s not that I want to be angry. It’s just that everything kind of sucks. Needing root canals every year. Covid scares. Being broke. Job. Long distance relationship. Flaky friends. The list goes on. I know I can’t possibly be the only person who is consistently disappointed by the people I know and the situation I’m in. That said, I try my best not to feed into the negativity. There’s a difference between reflecting on what could be better in one’s life, and dwelling on what your life could be – or mourning what it is not. When I get stuck in negative spirals, I try to lean into my situation, at least a little. One way of doing that is with memes. Laughing about how you want to give the middle finger to everyone you meet kind of makes you feel a little less aggressive. If you can relate to anything I’ve shared above, then these memes will certainly resonate. And perhaps they will set you on a slightly less negative course. We can dream, right?

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