«Remember to drink water to refill your tears»: Funniest Sad Boi Memes of the Week That Cure Your Seasonal Depression (November 23, 2022)

As we get older, the woes in life seem to get heavier. Perhaps it’s because we’re no longer children and see the world for what it is — a big heaping pile of hot garbage. Go humanity! However, it turns out, as adults, pretty much everybody is depressed in some way or another so now that we’ve identified the problem and memes have come up with the solution. Your prescription drugs aren’t the sole solution for your seasonal depression, the occasional nose-snorty laugh as you scroll through memes is the way to do it! It doesn’t matter that it’s dark outside pretty much at all times of the day, who needs the sun shining on you when you have memes instead? A small jolly chuckle of commiseration is a must this time of year. Just knowing that everyone else feels as terrible as you do is enough to make you smile. 

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