‘She demanded I hire her’: Manager’s old company calls to begging him to hire his useless ex-coworker to get her off their hands

Imagine having a coworker so terrible that when you get a new management role and poach the members of your old team, your old HR manager actually gets mad at you for not poaching the awful one. That’s a scenario that boggles the mind so completely it’s hard to imagine this scenario actually playing out in real life.

Yet, that’s exactly what his manager reported experiencing in a story that they shared on Reddit. In their account of events, they tell how—a few months after leaving their old job—they were placed in a position at their new company where they needed to assemble a team. This team would comprise the best of the best within their specific skillsets… complete with quirky and endearing personalities. Together they would overcome the impossible and get back at George Clooney’s ex’s new boyfriend by stealing all of his money from his super-secret vau—Hold on. Let’s rewind for a second… We’re receiving word that this synopsis is for the wrong story.

Right, so forget the rest of that; this manager needed to assemble a team, and just like in Ocean’s 11, who better to get a job done than the people you’ve worked with before? So, they set about contacting their old team, making them offers that they knew would be irresistible, and eviscerating the staffing of their old employer in the process by successfully taking every last member of their team—except for one. Now, there was one member of their old team who the manager didn’t reach out to—possessing no desire to ever work with this person again. 

This person was the laziest member of their team who needed constant hounding to complete even the most basic tasks. Sure enough, the manager received a call from this person furiously demanding why she hadn’t been offered a shiny new job. After telling her the harsh, unshielded truth, the next call they received would be even more surprising.

Read on to see screenshots of the original thread, as it was shared on Reddit’s r/entitledpeople subreddit community by Redditor u/ThePeasantKingM. Next, see this terrible coworker who was fired for harassment and used the job as a reference anyways.

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