Spur of the Moment Memes for Introverted Adults Who Loathe Last Minute Shindigs

Spontaneity is not your thing. As an introvert, your favorite things about social obligations is that they’re planned in advance so that you can prepare yourself for the perfect excuse to leave early. Spur of the moment plans are the wrench in your finely tuned social machine. Socialites and extroverts love the idea of being randomly social, but the world doesn’t work like that sis. When y’all are done with your Peter Pan phase, you can grow up and plan ahead so I can put you ony calendar for our hangouts. A calendar friendship is what adulthood is all about and if you can’t get with that, every introvert is going to figure out how to weasel out of the plan before it’s even come to fruition.

For more introverted memes that are the perfect excuse to say an Irish goodbye, here’s last week’s batch of silly, relatable introverted memes. 

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