Star Trek Memes For Star Trek Day & Nothing Else

Happy Star Trek Day everyone! You know how today is Star Trek day? Good thing nothing in the world has happened to take away from the glorious holiday celebrating everybody’s favorite space franchise. There’s no current event so major that it could completely alter the trajectory of September 8th 2022, rendering Star Trek day completely useless.

Okay, I’ll budge. the death of Queen Elizabeth II may or may not have thrown a wrench into the whole Star Trek Day thing. At least Star Trek isn’t in it alone, as it’s also Disney+ Day, International Literacy Day, Actor’s Day, National David Day (in celebration of guys named David), National Dog Walker Appreciation Day, National Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day, and National Iguana Awareness Day. All of these wonderful holidays may be sullied by the fall of a monarch, but Star Trek as fans can celebrate their favorite TV show (and movies) every day of the year. 

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