Star Wars Memes That Go Beyond Baby Yoda

It’s been over three years since Baby Yoda memes took over the internet, and we still have yet to recover fully. Baby Yoda felt like a flashback to memes of years past. If the third Trilogy came out around 2011, I bet Baby Yoda would’ve been an equally popular meme sensation back then. In 2019, I was all too sick of how prominent Baby Yoda had become. His memes were inescapable: he crowded my Twitter feed, and when I switched from Twitter to the newfangled app TikTok (reminder: 2019), he was also ubiquitous on that app! There was no winning for people who were completely ambivalent about Baby Yoda. 

As time has gone on, Baby Yoda’s star power has declined, but he’s by no means a fully dead meme. He is not completely cringe, but he does not have the variety that general Star Wars memes have. If you’re a real Star Wars fan and not merely a Baby Yoda fan, these memes will brighten your day. 

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