Stoner Memes For Potheads Enjoying 4/20

Happy April 20th, everybody! Today is a beautiful unofficial holiday when potheads and weedheads everywhere get to smoke even more than they usually do. I don’t judge whether people smoke weed or don’t smoke weed. It’s a personal choice for everybody, but there’s one specific type of non-smoker that has baffled me ever since I met one. There is a not insignificant amount of the population that has never smoked weed solely because they want to work for the FBI or the CIA one day. If you’re thinking, «They should just not smoke week for X amount of months before they apply for the job,» you do not understand. They never want to smoke weed because when a government HR person asks them, «Have you ever smoked weed,» they want to be able to say «no» and be telling the truth. If you are cooler than one of those losers, you’ll probably love these 4/20 memes. 

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