Succulent Houseplant Memes For Devoted Plant Moms

Look out, dog moms! There’s a new sheriff in town, and her baby is leafy and green. 

Houseplants have been a staple for generations, but they’ve had a real boom in popularity over the past few years, especially with younger generations on social media. While some people adopted a dog or picked up new artistic hobbies when the pandemic hit, the newly anointed plant moms and plant dads strapped on their gardening gloves and got to work: repotting, watering, and desperately hoping their plants did not die. 

Taking care of your own little plant is a unique experience. It brings up a lot of pressing questions, such as, is it weird if my plant feels like the closest thing I have to a child? Should I give my cactus a classic name like George, or a unique one, like Salem? When I go to the grocery store, does my plant miss me as much as I miss it? If these questions haunt you every day, you’ll love these houseplant memes! 

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