Tech Bro Roasted for Complaining About Uber Trip From Manhattan to Philly

The tech industry: it doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being in touch with the working man. We may increasingly rely on the products of it to exist, but that doesn’t mean the people involved in making them have any interest in relating to the rest of us (just take a glance at the ongoing horror show that is Meta). From ridiculous-looking workdays to the scam that is NFTs, they never seem to be short on a grift that makes the rest of us raise our eyebrows. 

This is why we probably shouldn’t be surprised at @martinvars, a tech entrepreneur and investor who recently complained about the state of his recent Uber ride. Suggesting that his cab from Manhattan to Philadelphia had charged him $140 extra in «various tolls and taxes», the people of Twitter were less than sympathetic to his plight — and his protests that he couldn’t take the train because of a Zoom call didn’t do much to help. Would the person he was calling have been so offended by Amtrak? 

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