The Best Tweets Celebrating Brendan Fraser and His Much-Deserved Standing Ovation He Got at the Venice Film Festival for ‘The Whale’

Brendan Fraser was THE hunk of ’90s/early ’00s. His unforgettable performances in George of the Jungle, the entire The Mummy franchise, and films with cult followings like Monkeybone, Airheads, and Bedazzled helped form a generation. Millennials have always loved him. So when he went MIA from the business, hearts were broken and fans were left confused. Years later he revealed the tragic reason he «stepped away» from the business, and it wasn’t that he chose to take a hiatus at all—it was a much darker reason. He had bravely come forward about s*xual as*ault allegations towards a huge Hollywood person and was black-listed from the scene. He struggled with many dark demons that Hollywood burst with. However, recently he’s been able to start making his way back. His fans have always supported him and continue to, even more so than before! (Especially because many of his fans are now grown adults.) His latest film The Whale is being called his «comeback.» It recently premiered at the Venice Film Festival and Fraser got a six-minute standing ovation for his performance. The icon was very obviously holding back tears. The beautiful moment is being celebrated online by fans. Brendan Fraser is back and getting the praise he deserves. 

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