The Cringiest Mommy Facebook Posts of the Week (April 24, 2023)

Twenty years ago, parenting books used to be where it was at. Parents who had a million questions about how they should raise their kids didn’t go around posting about it on their MySpace pages. They went to Borders, Books A Million, and other now-defunct stores and bought a bunch of books about it! While not all parenting books are written by experts, they’re at least a bit more inherently trustworthy than strangers on the internet. When I was a kid, all of the adults in my life told me to beware of strangers online because they might bring danger to me in an unexpected way. These days, adults on the internet are more than willing to share medical and personal information online than ever before. Worse is that they’re telling their own personal information and their kid’s information, which opens a pandora’s box of issues. We live in the golden age of parents posting cringey things online, which is not good. 

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