‘The Northman’ Subway Posters Get the Twitter Meme Treatment

We all like a little mystery in our lives. But sometimes, in advertising, there are certain things we kind of need to know. Product name. Product purpose. And of course, when advertising a movie, the title is a pretty clutch detail – most of the time. Whoever spearheaded the subway advertisements for The Northman disagreed with this notion, or straight up forgot to include the film’s name. It could be argued that the stars of the Viking epic (Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard, Ethan Hawke) have enough power to render the title unimportant, but to us – and apparently, Twitter – this seems like a pretty major fail. While some users mocked and spent a bit too much time picking apart the title’s absence, others opted to do what any enterprising internet user would: meme the hell out of the poster. Though the photoshops are decidedly low effort, we’re just happy to see people having fun in a world that provides increasingly little pleasure. Hopefully you agree. 

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