Therapy Tweets From Dramatic Twitter Users Who Have Brunch With Their Therapist (April 12, 2023)

Ahhhh, the mental health of the 21st century… what a time to be alive. Never before have we been more aware of our own issues; yet never farther have we been from a solution to said issues. Sure, you can go to therapy, which we highly recommend, BTW. But social media has and continues to destroy our itty bitty souls in various ways. We get to see the bright side of everybody’s life, and compare that to our own personal ‘downfalls’. Logically we know it’s futile, and there is no point in comparison, as everything you see on the internet doesn’t necessarily depict the truth. But still, down the rabbit hole of perfection, we go.

As stated, therapy is actually helpful. It’s helped us, loads. In fact, if we hadn’t gone to therapy, we’d be wallowing a lot more than usual, and our coworkers would still be complaining. Is this a hidden advertisement for therapy? You’ll never know. Scroll down for the best, most hilarious tweets of the week from Twitter users who know what’s up.

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