TikTok Landlord Gets Called Out For False Advertising

Hustle culture is the absolute worst. It has a cringeworthy attitude, glamorizes dangerous overwork and demonizes anyone who might want to enjoy their life without striving to become a millionaire by the age of 30. 

Most depressing of all, its zenith is the often shady world of property investment. The advent of TikTok has ensured that there’s an influencer for pretty much everything these days, and landlords have grasped the opportunity with enthusiasm. The platform is home to countless real estate aficionados, showing off their wealth and providing frequently dubious advice on how others can achieve the same. 

It has drawn wider attention recently due to one of the more prominent TikTok landlords. User @tatlondono made a video claiming that her ownership of a Porsche and a Range Rover was thanks to the ownership of three apartments, whose exterior featured in the TikTok.

However, once the video made its way to Twitter it was revealed that all was not what it seemed and the building she had filmed in front of was not even owned by her. In a sector where mismanagement and exploitation are rife, it’s more than a little suspicious to be using blatant falsehoods. Unfortunately, it’s also not likely to stop the #aspirational content train.

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