Tolkien Tuesday: The Best Lord of the Rings Memes This Week (August 9, 2022)

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Tolkien Tuesday. For those of you who are new, Tuesdays are when we (Memebase) provide you (whoever you are) with a selection of the best Lord of the Rings memes to have graced our feeds in the last week. The internet has been abuzz with LOTR news, and while there’s plenty to be seen (and memed about), it’s recently come to our attention that Peter Jackson almost got hypnosis to forget making our most beloved movies. Why? Because he wishes he could watch them as a fan. Wholesome. Unfortunately, there’s also been a lot of buzz about The Rings of Power, which inevitably means there are more memes regarding the tired discourse surrounding the Amazon show. Fortunately, a couple (2) of them are actually funny. And thankfully, they’re as few and far between as possible in this collection. 

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