Top Tweets By People Over 30 To Celebrate The New Year

The weekend is approaching fast, and we’re nearing the second last week of December. It’s pretty freaky deaky that by the end of this month it’s gonna be 2023… Time really flies. It feels like just yesterday we owned a flip phone, had a VCR, and posted entire albums to Facebook after a night out. Huh, those were the days. Or is it the good ol’ nostalgia just giving us a run for our money as she puts those sweet rose tinted glasses on us?


Millennials got all the anxiety from the boomers and none of the confidence that Gen Z seems to have (Ya’ll, where do they get it from?!). BUT as a result, the Millennials are the funniest, and Twitter is a perfect platform for proof of that. So feel free to go ahead and scroll down to check out the funniest tweets written by people well over 30, who just get it. 

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