Twitter Cancels ‘Bean Dad’ After A Series Of Unfortunate Tweets

If you’ve been on Twitter at all over the past 24 hours, chances are you’ve heard about the sorry saga of John ‘Bean Dad‘ Roderick and his epic Twitter downfall. If not, we’ll catch you up to speed. On Jan 2, @johnroderick posted a marathon of a Twitter thread, boasting at length about refusing to show his hungry nine-year-old daughter how to use a can opener to open a can of beans. In the thread he recounts encouraging her to struggle with the device over a span of six hours in hopes to help her build character, or something. An outcry across Twitter immediately ensued and it didn’t take long for people to dig up many racist, sexist, homophobic, and antisemitic tweets from @johnroderick’s past. This kerfuffle went so viral, it might even affect the future of Jeopardy! (Don’t ask.)

‘Bean Dad’ is, without a doubt, the unfortunate first main character of 2021. Hopefully this isn’t foreshadowing a very cursed year. We’ve collected some of the funniest Twitter reactions to the whole ‘Bean Dad’ saga. (Content warning: some of the screenshots of @johnroderick’s older tweets contain offensive language.)

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