Twitter Divided After Guy Gets Upset At Wife Writing A Book

There are plenty of important factors to maintaining a healthy relationship, and near the top of the list has to be trust. When our partner makes a promise to us, we probably hope that they will keep it. 

Sometimes, though, the situation is a little more complicated than that. This seems to be the case for the recent subject of an advice column, which went viral after @S_Insley_H called it out. 

In it, a spouse outlines how they feel mistrustful of their wife after she informs them that over the past year, she has written a book in her lunch break at work and received a $100,000 deal for it. She had previously agreed with them to temporarily give up on her writing career after she had their baby.

Many people were affronted by the approach of the spouse, suggesting that they were being petty and even controlling. However, others pointed out that the secrecy involved showed that there were deeper problems in the relationship. While this didn’t stop people from getting angry at whoever had a problem with a lucrative book deal, maybe no one was completely in the right. 


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