Twitter Reacts to Leonardo DiCaprio Breaking Up with 25 Year Old Girlfriend

The world of showbiz is a wacky and unpredictable one. Between the random PR couples and dramatic awards show happenings, it can be hard to predict what curveball celebrities are going to throw at us next.

It is usually this element of surprise that keeps the little people like us entertained, but there are certain parts of the culture that we have come to expect. We know that every year we’re probably going to see a new franchise pop up to try and squeeze more money of us, for example, and we can predict the time that Leonardo DiCaprio is going to break up with his significant other based on their date of birth.

News broke yesterday that the Oscar winner had split from Camila Morrone, his girlfriend of four years, who had also happened to turn 25 back in June. Naturally, the people with Twitter were ready with the jokes about his noted preference for women under a certain age. The consistency would be impressive if it wasn’t so incredibly creepy.

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