Twitter Reacts to M&Ms Retiring Iconic Mascot Spokescandies

The M&Ms marketing department has been a tough gig for a while now. No matter what they do, the humanized candies that have been the face of their brand for a lifetime just don’t seem to be hitting like they used to.

In fact, they seem to be actively generating bad publicity. No Rule 34 enjoyer will ever forget the makeunder given to the green M&M last year. On top of that, they’ve suffered sustained attacks from Tucker Carlson — for becoming ‘woke’ after releasing limited edition packaging focused on their female spokescandies, with a percentage of the profits going to female-focused charities.

It appears that this was the final straw. The brand announced yesterday that it would be putting «an indefinite pause» on using their iconic characters, and making Maya Rudolph the new face of the candy. 

To no-one’s surprise, Twitter had plenty to say about this. Some were horrified, others couldn’t stop the jokes, and others still noticed that this announcement was conveniently timed three weeks before the advertising blockbuster of the Super Bowl. Time will tell if we ever get to see an M&M speak again. 


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