Unprofessional Times Therapists Proved They Probably Shouldn’t Be Therapists

It seems like everyone and their mom is in therapy these days, and when you think about how terrible everything has felt for the past few years, it’s definitely for the best. Therapy, while arguably a luxury, is an incredibly important tool for people who may be having a difficult time coping with mental illness or the pressures of simply being alive. Unfortunately, not all therapists are created equal. While seeking help for my own issues (beyond bullies who are telling me to quit my job here at Memebase, or that I should be fired), I came across some serious hurdles in the form of professionals who either weren’t willing to do the work with me (something about my trauma being too intense), or the shocking number of therapists who lied about accepting insurance. Ain’t nobody got time – or money – for that. 

Recently, Twitter user @jzux asked the fine people of the bird app to share their own shitty therapy experiences, more specifically, times therapists said something «so wack» they had to be fired. The stories are, in a word, sobering, and a powerful reminder that there are a lot of mental health professionals that should be in different fields – preferably where they don’t have to deal with people, ever. 

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