Video: Man’s Million Dollar FOMO Akin To The Experience Of Betting On Meme Stocks

Lately it seems like there are more people than ever trying to escape debt and full time work life by investing in volatile stocks, perhaps because of the whole GameStop frenzy, or maybe because people are sick of being dispossessed, quarantined, and out of control of their lives. It’s easier to ‘YOLO’ your life savings into a volatile stock if you feel like you’ve got nothing to lose and nothing better to do. When faced with the million-dollar question that he wasn’t 100% certain about, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestant Ogi Ogas played it safe and walked away from potentially doubling his gains, only to find out seconds after his decision that he’d had the correct answer the whole time. If you haven’t had the chance to bet on a stock like GME, his reaction is a pretty spot on representation of what it feels like to miss out on significant gains after taking a gamble. But hey, gains are gains, and walking away with $500k ain’t so bad!

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