Wannabe Internet Philosophers Who Really Think They Did Something

We’ve all had an emo phase at some point in our lives. This doesn’t mean that we all pledged our allegiance to My Chemical Romance and begged our parents to let us get a lip ring; what I’m talking about is a more spiritual thing. Growing up is hard, and all the realizations that come with it are even worse. Once puberty hits, most teens go through those phases of moping in their room and wondering why everyone else just doesn’t get why everything is so crappy.

Luckily for all these disaffected youths, they’ve got the perfect outlet in the form of social media. Whether you were a Myspace kid, went through a stage of making cryptic Facebook statuses, or have even made a moody TikTok or two, most of us have put out some laughably «deep» content on the internet for everyone to see at some point. Most of the people on this list will probably grow out of the cringey meditations that we see here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still appreciate them in all their overwrought, philosophical glory.


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