Weary TikTok Wives Horrify Twitter by Denouncing «Blue Collar Man Stealers» Who Apparently Want Their Husbands

I have no claim to being an expert on what makes a good marriage, but I can take an educated guess at some of the basics. I assume it would involve things like mutual respect, good communication, and just maybe refraining from peeing on your partner without consent. 

Unfortunately, there appear to be many committed relationships out there that fail on all three counts, and big surprise, they’re getting aired out on TikTok. The platform really outdoes itself when it comes to questionable relationship content, and this latest phenomenon is no exception. The wives of blue collar working men are taking issue with women who are out to steal their husbands, and revealing some depressing realities about their marriages in the process.

When these screenshotted confessions made their way onto Twitter, people were less than impressed at everyone involved. Why are there so many bodily functions involved in these relationships?

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