Wholesome/Funny Collection Of Memes, Tweets and Reddit Posts In Honor Of The Holiday Season Spirit

‘Tis the season to be jolly, after all. There is so much ridiculous crap on Reddit, that we got kind of tired of sifting through it and decided to lighten the mood and examine r/WholesomeMemes and r/MadeMeSmile. Suddenly – boom, a spiritual awakening. We saw the light at the end of the tunnel – WE UNDERSTOOD TIME AND DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS. Just kidding, but it did make us a hell of a lot happier than we were a few moments prior to looking up these great subreddits. 


From doggos who work in hospitals (AW) to teenagers abandoning their grouchy moodiness for just enough time to do something sweet for their parents… we have it all. As it’s nearly Christmas, we thought it fitting to share our findings with you, our dear readers. We believe these wholesome moments will not disappoint you, and perhaps they will serve as an extra boost of serotonin – something we are all a little bit in lack of lately. Scroll down and check out the heartwarming goo in the form of funnies.


Plus, if you want to check out a bunch of random memes that are so relatable it practically hurts, click here.

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