Woman Gets Busted Sneaking Date Into Mom’s House

In some ways, we’re very lucky to have access to the safety technology we have today. Thanks to the phenomenon of the Ring doorbell, many people won’t ever have to deal with an unwanted guest again — but they might not be able to keep their private life under wraps, as @carly_weaver1 found out this new year.

Trying to sneak her date into her mom’s house, she didn’t realize that she had forgotten to disable the doorbell camera. This alerted her mom to her less than wholesome intentions that night, and lead to a humorous text exchange in the morning.

@carley_weaver1 what a great way to start the year 🥳 #fyp ♬ Stadium Rave – Spongebob Squarepants

After explaining the situation on TikTok, most viewers saw the funny side. However, a lot of them were also grateful that they had never had a similar run-in.


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