Woman Leaves Boyfriend After Violent Outburst During the Tubi Super Bowl Commercial

The Tubi commercial was probably one of the most talked about commercials during this year’s Super Bowl. For those who don’t know, Tubi is a streaming service that costs no money. Tubi’s commercial tried to fake out viewers by making it look like someone had clicked out of watching the Super Bowl, clicked on Tubi, scrolled through some of the streaming services selection, and ultimately chose Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Many people shared stories of Super Bowl parties searching for the remote or bar patrons yelling at bartenders because they thought they were turning off the big game. Sadly, not all reactions to this commercial were so inconsequential. Domestic abuse is much more likely to occur during major sports events, and the boyfriend of one Redditor took it there. He lost control after thinking his wife had changed the channel, and she decided to leave him and stay with her parents. 

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