Woman Organizes Fridge With Binders, Horrifies the Internet

There are many school-age stereotypes that tend to ring true. For one, we’ve got the aggro bully who is lashing out because they have a crappy home life. They just want to be loved. Then there’s the brainiac who is a bit challenged in the area of social skills (that was me, but just the socially challenged part). One type of person that was always present in every classroom was the girl filling her perfect planner with her perfect handwriting. She had gel pens in every color and one of those white out pens to remedy any mistakes she made while taking picture-perfect notes. We’ve always wondered where these women ended up. Until now. 


organized my fridge

♬ Sandwich – Prince Jackpot

Yes, you’re looking at a video of a fridge that’s organized with binders. Deli meat. Cheese. Condiments (down to hoisin sauce). Binders that somehow lead to the composition of a nice-looking sandwich. The video comes courtesy of designer Nicole McLaughlin, who has singlehandedly triggered a whole lot of people on both TikTok and Twitter. But their horror is a bit misguided. McLaughlin claims that it was simply a project and not reflective of her actual fridge. «One night before I was going to sleep, I suddenly had the thought ‘what if the refrigerator was like a library and it was so organised?’ she told the Mirror. «I hope people got that it was a joke, and this isn’t how I actually live.»

Regardless of her real-life fridge’s organization-level, the video got a lot of hate – especially on Twitter. One user even said McLaughlin deserve s to be tried at the Hague. While we can’t agree with that sentiment, we’re definitely enjoying the perplexed and pained responses. 

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